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Oscillator Design with the HP-67 - Stefan Vorkoetter - 11-26-2008

I'm currently working on a project for which I need to design some audio frequency oscillators and filters. Since the project itself is a sort of retro gadget, I decided I'd use my HP-67 for most of the design calculations.

Thus, I'm happy to present another (my second) HP-67 program, Op-Amp Oscillator Design with the HP-67 Programmable Calculator.


Stefan Vorkoetter

Re: Oscillator Design with the HP-67 - Christoph Klug - 11-27-2008

Dear Stefan,

again a nice program solution including documentation :-)
Do you think about releasing this programs for the HP-41 too ?

Regards - Christoph Klug

Re: Oscillator Design with the HP-67 - Stefan Vorkoetter - 11-27-2008

Thanks for the feedback.

My plan is to produce a number of these programs (all related to analog circuit design) for the HP-67, and eventually for the HP-41C. The latter will be easy because most of the programs can be translated in a straightforward manner.

Regarding the documentation, I've written a sort of "assembler" that takes as input an HP-xx program, usage instructions, register, and flag listings in an ASCII text file, and produces the HTML equivalents. That makes it pretty easy to produce nice looking listings and documentation.

The "assembler" also lets you use symbolic labels when writing HP-35s programs, and automatically resolves them to line numbers when generating the HTML version. Without it, I never would have been able to write my two published 35s programs as fast as I did.

Someday, when I find the time, I'll put the assembler on-line, but it's a little awkward to use right now because it's a Perl script.


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Re: Oscillator Design with the HP-67 - Scott Haley - 12-08-2008

The assembler and the publishing of new code for the '41 both sound like great endeavors. Best of luck ! Scott / KD5NJR