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copyright - Charles Oxford - 11-26-2008

I have a Sparcom mechanical engineering card in my SX48 but have no manual. Would it violate copyright if someone sent me a copy?

Re: copyright - V-PN - 11-26-2008

Loan the manual and copy it yourself

Edited: 26 Nov 2008, 3:40 p.m.

Re: copyright - Allen - 11-26-2008

Any reason why you can't just buy one or the other?

Re: copyright - Charles Oxford - 11-26-2008

ignorance, perhaps? ;-)

thanks for the urls.

Re: copyright - Charles Oxford - 11-26-2008

This still doesn't answer my question.

Re: copyright - V-PN - 11-27-2008

Depends on the country
You could ask from the company who owns the copywright.
If the software is a module, I can't see why not?

Re: copyright - Randy - 11-27-2008

Would it violate copyright if someone sent me a copy?

In a word, yes.

Re: copyright - Charles Oxford - 11-28-2008

So it's not ok to have a copy of the manual, only an original?

Re: copyright - Walter B - 11-28-2008

Who asks a lot of questions gets a lot of answers (old German saying).



Re: copyright - Charles Oxford - 11-28-2008

This is true, but of the four answers I got three were not to my question but instead suggested work arounds.

Re: copyright - Martin Pinckney - 11-28-2008

So it's not OK to have a copy of the manual, only an original?

If you own the original, in most cases it is OK to have and use a copy of it. The violation comes in when you sell or even give a copy to someone else. In that case you are depriving the copyright holder of his just compensation for copying the material to which he owns intellectual property rights.

Re: copyright - V-PN - 11-29-2008

that's why he needs to
a) contact the company for a new nice manual
b) loan a manual and copy it himself

Re: copyright - Dan Grelinger - 12-03-2008

Borrowing a manual and copying it for one's own use is also a violation of copyright law in the U.S. The only legal copying of copyright protected works is by the valid licensee (someone who legally purchased the material), for his own purposes (generally done to have a backup copy).

Many people rationalize differently, especially when the material is not available for legal purchase anywhere. They make the argument that they cannot deprive the copyright owner of the benefits of his work, if he has provided no feasible way to be compensated.

However, in this case, it appears that it is possible to purchase a legal copy, thereby ethically compensating the owner of the copyright for their work.


Re: copyright - V-PN - 12-03-2008

If the person in question has - as I understand this is the case here - purchased a legal copy, but has misplaced the manual
then he does no wrong by making himself a copy. OK?

Re: copyright - Dan Grelinger - 12-04-2008

You are assuming something that was never stated. The original poster never said he purchased an original manual. Only that he has the module. If he purchased the module without a manual, he has no legal copy, and no legal right to make a copy for himself. Whoever kept the original manual retained the original license for the manual, and did not deliver it with the module.

Again, if there was no way to buy a legal copy of the manual, many people will rationalize that there is no harm in making a copy of something that cannot be purchased. But when the legal copies of the manual are available for purchase, it is arguably unethical to avoid the cost of a legal copy by making an illegal one.


Re: copyright - V-PN - 12-04-2008

I agree, Dan.

Re: copyright - Charles Oxford - 12-06-2008

which one do i need?

Re: copyright - Charles Oxford - 12-12-2008

I still don't know any more about copyrights but thanks for the opimions.

Charlie O.

Re: copyright - Walter B - 12-13-2008


obviously you didn't grasp the meaning of my earlier post yet. Come on.



Re: copyright - Norris - 12-13-2008

I've never used the Sparcom cards, but I understand that Sparcom later became daVinci, and that they ported their software to the TI-89.

TI still provides the daVinci ME*Pro software, and a user's manual, as a free download to TI-89 users. I don't know how similar it is to the old Sparcom software for the HP-48SX, or how applicable the TI manual might be, but it could be worth a look.

Edited: 13 Dec 2008, 5:38 p.m.