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My First HP-67 Program: Resistor Networks - Stefan Vorkoetter - 11-19-2008

Last week, I repaired the HP-67 I purchased on-line about a year ago (thanks to members of this forum for the card reader advice).

This week I wrote my first HP-67 program, for computing node voltages of simple networks of one or two nodes, with inputs consisting of constant current sources, and resistors connected to voltage sources, like this:

I actually started this program about a year ago, and tested and debugged it on my HP-41CX with the card reader plugged in (for the HP-67 compatibility functions), but finally entered and saved it on my '67 this week.

I've documented my efforts at http://www.stefanv.com/calculators/hp67_resistors.html.

There's a brief section at the end of the article entitled "Possible Improvments". Since this forum loves HP programming challenges, consider it a challenge. :-)

Stefan Vorkoetter

(PS. Last time I posted a link to one of my articles, one member complained about the fact that there are ads on my site. Those ads are all in a narrow column down the left side, and help pay for the web hosting. If you're offended by ads, feel free to not drop by.)

Re: My First HP-67 Program: Resistor Networks - Hans Brueggemann - 11-19-2008

stefan, klasse website!

cheers, hans

Re: My First HP-67 Program: Resistor Networks - Jeff Kearns - 11-19-2008

Not only is it a classy website, it also has some great info on a variety of subjects. Stefan has developed some interesting and useful programs for HP calculators - the 35s in particular and I am proud to see such a tremendous contribution from a fellow Canadian. I only wish I, as a dumb engineer but avid HP calculator enthusiast, could contribute as much...
Jeff Kearns