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New HP-41 book edition - Christoph Klug - 10-29-2008

HP-41 Input/Output Board & IL2000 Interface System
Reprint 2008

On time to the Allschwil meeting in Switzerland, arranged by Matthias Wehrli, now I advertise the new edition of the "HP-41 Input/Output Board" & "IL2000 Interface System" manual. I know that some of you are waiting for this book reprint, with the new edition I celebrate 25 years acting as electronic engineer, during this time I was supplied by the powerful and fascinating HP-41 and HP-IL system.

The last years I deliver both manuals to HP-41 enthusiasts worldwide, to support and extend their HP-41 and HP-IL applications. Now I combine the former “only one side copied” manuals into a double side paper back book, which contains 708 pages of advanced HP-41 knowledge.

As done with the earlier reprints of the I/O Board and IL2000 Interface System manual, again I extend some chapters (= I/O Board manual) and add new parts (= IL2000 Interface System manual). Some of the new pages are taken over from my actual papers for the HPCC, some more are composed completely new, other offer a new plug in module similar to the EXT-IL module.

This book is a voluminously reference for today HP-41 enthusiasts, who are looking for proven hardware circuit solutions for control interface-, data logging- and measurement applications. Besides describing some HP-41 hardware modifications, the book includes helpfully HP-41 software routines for operating HP-IL devices like IL-Converter, IL-Digital-Voltmeter, IL-RS232-Interface, IL-Mass-Storage, IL-Plotter and IL-Video-Interface.

Furthermore advanced HP-41 applications with RAM-Box, Zeprom or Clonix and NoVRAM are included, based on the correct handling of ROM image files. Last not least the reader gets powerfully solutions for HP-41 & PC-Interfacing, by using the HP-IL/PC Interface Card or
IL-RS232-Interface in combination with EMU41.

This book is addressed to novices and beginners of the HP-41 and HP-IL system, to former HP-41 users, who come back to discover this nice machine again, and now want to reach a higher level. Also this book is addressed to handheld computer collectors, who want to operate their valuable devices in a much better way. And last not least the book is a reference for professional users and advanced forty one enthusiasts, who are looking for special and deeper knowledge, needed for realising advanced HP-41 applications, never seen before… connecting HP-41 and HP-IL to future …..

The book is available from the author Christoph Klug, Körnerstrasse 47B, 31141 Hildesheim, Germany, or from Franzbecker Verlag, Hildesheim, Berlin, www.Franzbecker.de - order number is ISBN 978-3-88120-853-6.

HP-41 Input/Output Board manual contents :

CHAPTER I Introduction

CHAPTER II HP-41 Controller

CHAPTER III I/O-Board Hardware

CHAPTER IV DC Power Supply

CHAPTER V I/O-Board Modules

CHAPTER VI Practical Tips

CHAPTER VII Advanced Programming

CHAPTER IIX References

CHAPTER IX Centronix Printer

CHAPTER X HP-41 Barcodes

CHAPTER XI Zeprom Module

CHAPTER XII Double X-Memory Module

CHAPTER XIII Extern HP-41 Interrupt / Wake Up

CHAPTER XIV I/O-Board ? I/O Board Data Transfer

CHAPTER XV HP-IL / PC Interface Card

CHAPTER XVI Audio Measurement

IL2000 Interface System manual contents :

PART I Prefaces from
Gary Friedman (Control the World with HP-IL),
Tony Duell (HP-48 / I2C Bus Interface) and
Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz (Extend your HP41)

PART II Connecting HP-IL Interface Loop to Future

PART III Audio Third Octave Frequency Response Measurement

PART IV Multi Channel Analogue Digital & Digital Analogue
Converter Board

PART V HP41CY Replacement of the lithium cell

PART VI HP3468 Digital Voltmeter

PART VII HP41 / HP82164 / RS232 ? RS232 / HP82164 / HP41

PART IIX HP82163 & LCD Display

PART IX HP41 / PC Interfacing & EMU41

PART X Uploading ROM Image Files

PART XI Vented Box Loudspeaker Design

PART XII Circuit Analysis Module & HP7470 IL-Plotter


PART XIV People and HP41 Webpages

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Re: New HP-41 book edition - Juergen Keller - 10-29-2008


Re: New HP-41 book edition - Christoph Klug - 10-30-2008

Please refer to classified ads

Re: New HP-41 book edition - Juergen Keller - 10-30-2008

Sorry, didn't saw the ad. If you plan to take some copies to Allschwil I will buy one.
Best Regards,