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HP 82163 Video Interface - hogelmann - 10-08-2008


I recently bought a HP 82163B Video Interface and have the following Problem:
The Interface shows a blinking cursor when connected to a monitor or TV. But a connected HP 41CV with IL Interface (Interface is enabled)does not have any effect to the screen!The IL interface(s)(I have three of them) seems to be OK (other peripherals like printer, cassette drive or a 3468A Multimeter just works fine).

Another thing: when I opened the interface box, I see a row of unconnected pins on the PCB. Could it be, that there is somethig missing? (Does someone has a picture from inside of a functional interface to compare?)

Any help is welcome!

Best regards from Berlin, Germany

Re: HP 82163 Video Interface - Dan Grelinger - 10-08-2008

Just connecting the HP-IL interface from the HP-41 to the video interface will do nothing. The video interface appears as a printer to the HP-41. Execute print functions (like PRP) to see things get displayed on the monitor.

Re: HP 82163 Video Interface - hogelmann - 10-09-2008

This was the aswer to the question! Thank You!
I guess such things happens, when You buy things without having an instructions manual with it. Thankfully there are forums like that.