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R/S key slightly slanted in 35s - Luis Moreno - 10-05-2008

Hi guys,

I have noticed that the R/S key in my new HP 35s is slightly slanted to the rigth side. It is not very noticeable unless you stare at. However, If I touch its surface, comparing with the adjacent GTO key, it is a bit more depressed and certainly sloped to the lower right side.

Could you please check that in your machines so as to know if it's an isolated case or if it's a common fabrication issue in this model?


Re: R/S key slightly slanted in 35s - V-PN - 10-05-2008

Each key on my HP 35s is as perfect as can be.

Re: R/S key slightly slanted in 35s - Walter B - 10-05-2008

So is mine. BTW, I doubt *staring* at calc keys is helpful at all. AFAIK it won't bring up the missing labels (RE<>PO, RL<>CX) nor reorder the top 3 rows etc.

Re: R/S key slightly slanted in 35s - Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. - 10-05-2008

I have complained about other keyboard problems with the 35s but I had not noticed the problem that you mention. When I looked really, really close at the keyboard I didn't see it on my 35s. I did see that the double-width ENTER key may have a slight tilt either to the left or to the right if I don't press the key in the center. But the effect is so small that it doesn't affect my use of the calculator at all.

For real keyboard problems consider my 41CV where the 7 key has absolutely no tactile feedback even though it enters properly, or my old 67 where the entire right hand column of keys has reduced tactile feedback.