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12C Classic Paid simulator for iPhone rereleased - Les Wright - 09-24-2008

I have written RLM to let Ricardo know it still needs work.

The decimal point graphic is an ugly little amputated comma, not a clean period.

In landscape mode, the keypad seems prone to touch entry errors, and the sweet spots of the arithmetic keys on the right need a little oomph to accept entry--seems to be a slight sensitivity and alignment issue.

That said, the gravity sensitive portrait mode seems to work very well, through traditionalists may not like it.

This one does have persistent memory and you don't lose your programs and register contents on closing. Also, the opportunity to display register and program contents in list display is a very nice extra.

At 10 bucks I think it is pricey for people who just thoughtlessly want a calculator app, but for buffs around here that is probably a modest amount. That said, if you can do without the persistent memory I think it is wiser to stick with the recently revised free version. It just seems to work and look a lot better.

It seems that these simulator developers are keen to fix bugs and respond quickly to queries. Apple seems a lot slower :(