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HEPAX Docs - Egan Ford - 08-30-2008

I'm looking for high quality PDF scans of HEPAX docs. I found nothing from Google.


Re: HEPAX Docs - Raymond Del Tondo - 08-30-2008

Hi Egan,

just take a look at the other site (TOS;-)

Maybe not as single PDF file, but at least as individual pages...



Re: HEPAX Docs - Les Wright - 09-14-2008

Egan, as you know I am interest in the NoVRAM, so I have been keen for HEPAX stuff too.

Alas, those scans from TOS seem to be ALL that is out there. The presentation of the individual pages as JPEGs is a really nuisance, but at least there is one source for this material, though it takes forever to locate then navigate to stuff.

I am glad the PPC ROM manual is on the DVD. Could you imagine navigating that monster in the TOS version?


Re: HEPAX Docs - Dan Grelinger - 09-16-2008

1. The docs online at TOS are free. Cumbersome, but free.
2. The docs from MoHP are on the CD (easy), which costs $.
3. The docs from TOS are on DVD (easy), which costs $.

So TOS offers great services, pick what you want; free, or easy to use.