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17B - JDonley - 08-27-2008

How is the 17B rated as a collector item? I understand it doesn't use RPN. There is one on a popular auction site and it appears to be in good condition.


Re: 17B - Ron G. - 08-27-2008

I'd say, not very widely collected. The business models are pretty common, and generally just used to do business calculations, as intended.

Re: 17B - JDonley - 08-28-2008

thanks, Ron, I might bid on it.


Re: 17B - Martin Pinckney - 08-28-2008

I like it because it is the "sister" to the 27s - which is my favorite HP. It has a similar user interface, similar Solver, but with a different set of functions.

I don't particularly like RPN, and that is one reason I like the 27s. But be advised that the 17b is really "chain logic", not algebraic. You can force it to algebraic by using the ( ) keys.

But I am a user, not a collector.

Re: 17B - JDonley - 08-28-2008

thanks, I appreciate the response. My new 20B has chain logic (I think) as default? It is running rpn now.