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HP-71B Card Reader Problem - Jeff Davis - 08-25-2008

I have been trying to read some programs I recorded some time ago. The HP-71B recognizes the card reader as I get the sequence to pull the card. Once I pull the card the HP-71B continues to say "PULL CARD" and then eventually times out. I can only asume that the head needs to be cleaned? Any suggestions as to what might be causing this besides the cleaning? I have never had this problem until recently.

Re: HP-71B Card Reader Problem - Geoff Quickfall - 08-26-2008

The card reader seems to be problematic. Do you have a cleaner card. If not cut a strip identical in width to a magnetic card out of heavy construction paper or fold some standard paper the correct width.

Apply some alchol to it and run it through. If this does not corret the problem, remove the reader and clean the connections on the reader and calculator (make sure you are grounded when doing the connector cleaning).

After that there is not much you can do. The screws do not give you access to the card reader head or any other user servicable parts.

I have a reader that reads 100% but requires MANY pulls to record, up to 20 passes for one card! Also make sure the batteries are new!

Cheers, Geoff