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SysRPL - how to start???? (50G) - Matti Övermark - 08-24-2008


I wonder what is the best way to start dwelling the wast amount of possibilities with SySRPL on a 50G?
My background in using the ordinary RPL/RPN instructions is, I think, quite solid.

I have indeed been seeing hpcalc.org but beeing a novice it is not always that simple, as I get the impression when reading these topics.. :-), so any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Matti

Re: SysRPL - how to start???? (50G) - V-PN - 08-24-2008

search www.hpcalc.org
emacs, extable2, nosy
if you plan to do prtogramming in your calc
if using PC, Debug4x

documents are found on
"Programming in System RPL"

Re: SysRPL - how to start???? (50G) - Matti Övermark - 08-25-2008

Hi V-PN!


Re: SysRPL - how to start???? (50G) - Kiyoshi Akima - 08-25-2008

Take a look at http://kiyoshiakima.tripod.com/funprogs/ for some of the programs I developed while learning SysRPL on the 48GX. I don't claim they're good programs, though... And there are minor differences for the 50g, but not very troublesome.