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Arithmetic or Stack on 10B - Bastian - 08-18-2008


I am a longtime lurker here, but this is my first post.
I used a 49G while studying engineering at the university. The soft rubber keys caused more than one anxiety attack during exams, but I got used to RPN. While getting my MBA I first had a 19BII, till the battery door broke and later a 17BII.
Now I've got an exam that won't allow any programmable calculators, so I got a used 10B without manual. The arithmetic is primitive. And I just don't get a hold of Swap and the Pend indicator as well as the difference between Input and =. Could someone explain how they work?

Thank you


Re: Arithmetic or Stack on 10B - Gene Wright - 08-18-2008

download the learning modules for the 10b2. It works the same as the 10b.


10b2 Learning Modules