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New HP 10bII - No Case Included! - Jeff - 07-16-2008

I picked up a 10b11 at Target last night, and was disappointed to see that it ships without any kind of protective case.

Unbelievable. I'm returning it.

How cheap can they get??? Are there that many people who would buy a decent calculator and not mind not having a place to store it?

I guess so.

Maybe this is the wave of the future!

Re: New HP 10bII - No Case Included! - Gene Wright - 07-16-2008

While I can't speak for HP, the short answer to your question probably is "yes".

95% of all TI-83/84/89 units I see do not have the slide cover. Students have lost them. Yet, TI paid for the manufacture, shipping, etc., of that piece of plastic...just to have the student not care it was ever there. Why not save a step and $0.50 per unit by not making the thing in the first place? And, this is on an $80-150 calculator.

I've been using a 12c for ages and have no idea the last time I saw a case or slip cover.

I'm glad you seem to view the 10bII to be a collectible and want to take care of it. :-)

But, it is a $30-ish calculator which is probably not intended to be viewed as a treasure 30 years from now.

FYI: I don't think the 10b2 old design ever came with a case, so this is no change at all from HP's last 6-7 years of selling HP 10b2 models. Certainly no shocker.

Re: New HP 10bII - No Case Included! - Bruce Bergman - 07-16-2008

I concur with Gene. WE might view HP calculators as higher quality, worth having cases and caring about that kind of thing, but the vast majority of the calculator users -- especially at that price point -- don't care.

I sat it a stats class a couple years back where a TI-84 or better was required, and rarely saw cases if ever. The calcs were dropped, sat on, stuffed between textbook pages, etc.

It just doesn't make fiscal sense to include one at this price...

(This from someone who once bid over $150 on as Astech case for a HP-42s calculator... ;-)

Re: New HP 10bII - No Case Included! - John B. Smitherman - 07-16-2008

Jeff, both my old style and new style 10bii's came with cases.



Re: New HP 10bII - No Case Included! - JDonley - 07-16-2008

Hi Bruce;

I think you and I are from the same planet, but it's not in this solar system. I once bid an Astech case over $100. Three of my 10B's are in Astech cases. They are the Lexus of protective covers.

When the 10B11 was introduced I bought one and it did come with a case. Unfortunately it also came with a 10B11. I am sure that will bring some brick-bats down on my head.


Re: New HP 10bII - No Case Included! - Frank Balzer - 07-17-2008

Mine (bought two weeks ago, CNG8090) had a case included.

Re: New HP 10bII - No Case Included! - Jeff - 07-17-2008

You guys are right! HP told me that they didn't ship with 'em!