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Damn....I really like the Voyagers - Jimi - 07-06-2008

Other than the 16C I had around since new, I never really paid attention to the little guys. I had used them occasionally, I mean, who hasn't at least used someone's 12C, since almost everyone seems to have one. I was always a 41C/CX user, and later used my 48GX heavily in my engineering classes. That changed a year ago.

When I was getting back into a little collecting (I really have to fight hard to keep a lid on it), I allowed myself to pick up a few others, bought a mint 12C just cause, but grabbed an 11C and a couple of 15s as well. In addition to bringing my 16C out of retirement, these little guys are all I ever use. I forgot what a great form factor they are (not so much standing around in a field, but desk work), and you never, ever have to charge them or buy batteries.

I've caught myself aquiring a few more of each now, in better condition that I'm going to store for when these (if) give it up. I know HP isn't going to replace them. Too bad. Long live the Voyagers.

Re: Damn....I really like the Voyagers - Walter B - 07-07-2008

Hi Jimi,

I second your statement. An 11c was my 2nd HP, and if it hadn't been stolen, I'd used it probably until I could afford to buy a 42s. The Voyager design can be employed even today for powerful scientifics, if equipped with a reasonable display. It may allow for matrix handling, too, better than a 42s, as this little example may show.

Regards, Walter

Re: Damn....I really like the Voyagers - Jimi - 07-07-2008

THAT is a great picture. You know that would sell too. Very nice job if you did that.

Re: Damn....I really like the Voyagers - Walter B - 07-07-2008

Thanks for your friendly words. Of course I did that, and you'll find more of these in earlier threads in this forum. But remember, these are only drafts, so we still need somebody to build them.

Edited: 7 July 2008, 3:28 a.m.

Re: Damn....I really like the Voyagers - MikeO - 07-15-2008

Ditto! I've had a 16C since they came out - used it originally to decode program dumps on the old IBM 370 mainframe systems I wrote software on.

They are tough little items too!

I think I've changed the batteries twice since 1984. (well, maybe three times!)