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HP calcs for professionals - Marco Polo - 06-27-2008

Hello everybody.
I am an engineer and have been using HP calcs since university.
I own a 28s, 48sx (eq. lib. card and 128 kb card), 48gx (128+1mb cynox cards), 50g, 35s and a 200lx.
The 50g is extremely powerful, but i don't use CAS capabilities at all and the keyboard layout and feeling are not as good as the 48's.
The 48gx seems to be the best balance in ergonomy, functions and speed (i installed both mk and speedui). The 50g seems to be a backstep in a professional environment.
I bought the 35s for fun, but the 4 levels stack is not deep enough for my needs, and programming is not flexible. Definitely, i need an rpl calc.
Recently i put the 28s again in service, and found it perfectly adequate to my current needs, except the unit conversion and the capability of saving memory to pc....
Now the big question: i think that many professionals like me don't need the advanced symbolic capabilities of the 50g, nor the graphic. What i (and hopefully we) need is a cut-down 50g, or a slighly revamped 48gx: no Cas, traditional keyboard feeling and layout, same 48gx screen size (or smaller), good battery duration and speed improvement.
Am i asking too much?


Re: HP calcs for professionals - Patrick Rendulic - 06-27-2008

What you are asking for is also exactly what I want.

But it seems that we are really asking too much. Just browse the forum and you will find many complaints.
On the other hand, it seems that there are many people who are happy with the current calculators.

Unfortunately we are in a minority and HP seems not to care.

Edited: 27 June 2008, 11:33 a.m.

Re: HP calcs for professionals - Eddie W. Shore - 06-27-2008

Go for the 39gs. No CAS commands involved. I have a four-stack RPN program for it if you want because the 39 is an ALG machine.

Re: HP calcs for professionals - Marco Polo - 06-29-2008

Unfortunately the 39gs does not have the unit of measure management as the 48/50, which i need, a four level stack is too limited for my needs and i need user-rpl programming :-(