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When? 20B - JDonley - 06-13-2008

If the introduction date has been mentioned on this forum I missed it. When can we expect to see the 20B? I'm really lusting for this beauty.


Re: When? 20B - hpnut - 06-14-2008

Hi JD,

I hope you have better luck in Montana. I was disappointed 20Bs have not arrived Malaysian shores yet this morning. HP resellers were clueless about the existence of the model :-(

probably shipment on the slow boat from China :-)

hpnut in Malaysia

Re: When? 20B - JDonley - 06-14-2008

We're a little behind times in Montana, too. We're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Gone With The Wind" in the local movie theater (still called "the picture show" here).

I do hope the 20B doesn't disappoint like the 10B11 did.



Re: When? 20B - John B. Smitherman - 06-14-2008

Don, have you tried the new and improved (?) 10bii? I wonder how it compares to the original 10bii - keyboard, display, etc. Were any software improvements or additions made?




Re: When? 20B - Eric Smith - 06-14-2008

You've got "talkies" there now? :-)

Re: When? 20B - JDonley - 06-14-2008

No, I haven't.....the original 10B11 was such a disappointment I bought a couple of original 10B's on an unnamed web-site. Hopefully HP has their quality control issue fixed. The 20B looks very good on paper.


Re: When? 20B - JDonley - 06-14-2008

Yes....and that is such cool technology. What's next....color movies?


Re: When? 20B - Eric Smith - 06-14-2008

Well, let's not get into science fiction here.