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Non HP RPN - db (martinez, ca.) - 06-10-2008

Thanks to Joerg Woerner, I got a new toy. It's kind of like a large heavy crylic 220 volt 11c, with an attitude. i put a picture at http://www.msdsite.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=1337&nocache=1

It's going to be some time till this beauty goes off the desk and into the glass case.

Re: Non HP RPN - hpnut - 06-11-2008

cool. it looks like an electronic weighing scale :-)

with its Centronics interface, maybe it is possible to convert it into one. also love the nice yellow backlight.

Re: Non HP RPN - Rodger Rosenbaum - 06-11-2008

On that website you say "Calculator Forensics result : 9 flat".

Could you try the forensics test with a starting value of 9.1, instead of 9? Or, 9.12345678?

Maybe this is one of those calculators that rounds to a nearby integer to make the user think it's very accurate.

your answers & more rodger - db (martinez, ca.) - 06-11-2008

the answer 9 times 10000000 is 90000000

the result using 9.1 is 9.1 and times 10000000 is 91000000

the result using 9.1234567 is 9.1234566 and times 10000000 is 91234566

thanks for asking.

Re: Non HP RPN - db (martinez, ca.) - 06-11-2008

just for you nut, to shake your hp fixation; i posted a closeup of the screen. yes that backlight is a nice touch.


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