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HPILCOM - Jeff Davis - 05-23-2008

Has anyone successfully used HPILCOM and the HP-41C with Windows XP?

Re: HPILCOM - PeterP - 05-24-2008


I never tried (sticking to the ISA-HP-IL card on a 50 USD PC I bought just for this purpose...) Just in case you missed these, this thread Hans, the creator of HPILCOM says that it works nicely under XP but not for the 71b, only for the 41.

You also might find useful information for the settings in this thread

But I'm sure you found this already...



Re: HPILCOM - Jeff Davis - 05-24-2008

Thanks, it is now working. I had the wrong setting on the HP82164A. This saves a ton of space on my desk not to have the HP9114 and related equipment. One thing though, is there a way to turn the .DAT files into .TXT ?

Re: HPILCOM - Egan Ford - 05-24-2008