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HP 50g calculator - HELP! - larry boyuno - 05-21-2008

I work in a pharmaceutical place that validates calculations, and I am getting to know the HP 50g with IR printer slowly. However there are some things I don't understand - please help if you can!

1. Printing is very slow, I thought an HP person told me there was a setting for this however the manual doesn't discuss - any idea's?

2. When I "Print Display" via APPS/IO Funtions/Print Display - it prints the "header/footer" information - any way to stop that? Eg. the RAD XYZ HEX (HOME) stuff appears on top, and the EDIT, VIEW, STACK (etc.) items appear on the bottom.

3. Is there a way to password protect this at all? Set up users? So when we print it dislays the user information? I don't think there is but wanted to check.

Thanks calculator gurus!

Re: HP 50g calculator - HELP! - designnut - 05-23-2008

I was told by a professor that he always gos to HP help at their site and they respond quickly. I found they did, Give it a try. Sam

Re: HP 50g calculator - HELP! - Egan Ford - 05-23-2008

Try posting your questions here:


You'll find more 48/49/50 people there.

Re: HP 50g calculator - HELP! - Chuck - 05-24-2008

Here's my take on IR printing (although I could be wrong).

I tried a few printings with my 50g last night. It looks like "print-dislay" is painfully slow and will always give the header. One could write a small program that captures the screen and then crops the graphics image to not include the header, and print that.

There is a "Delay" command that can be set to 0 seconds between line feeds to help speed up printing pf variables and programs. But you need to be careful here because too fast of printing will miss characters. The IR speed of the calculator is just not fast enough for the printer, hence the need for a small line-feed delay.