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HP Portable Plus - Stefan Vorkoetter - 05-20-2008

Not quite, but almost, an HP calculator:

I have two HP Portable Plus computers. I've had them since about 1987 or so. One has 512Kb of RAM, the other 1Mb (not a standard configuration; it was customized by a friend of mine using parts from two PPs). Neither has any built-in ROM applications (which is why it was possible to put 1Mb of RAM in the one).

The batteries in both are dead. The 512Kb one works when plugged in, but the 1Mb one does not (I suspect that one of the cells in that one is shorted, and the external adapter can't overcome that). It did work the previous time I tried it, about 5 years ago.

I'm debating what to do with these. One possibility is to list them on the For Sale pages here at the Museum. Maybe I could trade them for one or more calculator(s).

Another possibility is the unmentionable auction site, although I don't see many of these here. Does anyone have any idea what these might be worth?


Stefan Vorkoetter

Re: HP Portable Plus - Alexander Wassermann - 05-20-2008


I have one Portable Plus. It has a total of 256k RAM and only gives me one option of memory allocation (80/176) which then is not enough memory to load two of the programs I have in the ROM drawer, one being MS Word, the other one slipped my memory.

The battery is basically dead but I can run off the charger.

I would be interested in getting my programs to run and therefore need more RAM. I am willing to buy a whole Portable Plus if I need to (but not two).

Please contact me if you are interested.

Regards, Alex

PS: Why am I doing this? If you have an answer, call my wife.

Re: HP Portable Plus - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-20-2008


regarding TAS, I bought a Portable Plus some years ago on that site

for about 40 Euros, and this machine is _fully loaded_.

Actually it were two machines, of which I sold one unit later,

for about the same price, so nothing gained there.

The one I kept has the built-in 512K + 1MB RAM drawer, totalling to 1.5 MB .

It has all the built-in apps on the ROM drawer,

and some EPROM sockets of the Application ROM drawer are still free.

Luckily J-F Garnier once sent me an EPROM set with Emu41 for the PP,

and that's the reason to keep my Portable Plus:-)