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How to open my HP-32SII - Sören Nilsson - 05-20-2008

I still can't open my HP-32SII.

I have looked at the pictures at http://www.finetune.jp/~lyuka/interests/calc/hp32sII/.

And I can see that there are 4 holes under the keypad (under key 1,2 and 3) that I think is used to lock the keypad to the back cover. On the pictures these four plastic locks are missing on the back cover.

Do I have to cut these four with a tool or is there a better way?
I don't know how mych force a can use without damageing my favorite calculator.


Re: How to open my HP-32SII - Eric Smith - 05-20-2008

Presumably you wouldn't be opening it unless it was already damaged?

Re: How to open my HP-32SII - Dallas Osborne - 05-20-2008

Use a 1/8" drill bit and carefully hand turn out the four heat stakes around the battery compartment. Then use a popsicle stick or other flat wooden or softer plastic to work down the sides of the calculator. Just slowly work them down each side and only keep about a centimeter inside the case. You will need to dodge the middle side posts so you don't snap them off.
Once you get about two-thirds of the way to the bottom, you will then start prying the case to work those four heat stakes loose. It does require a fair amount of force, but the stakes will pop out with a loud snapping sound.
The first time I did this I was shocked at how much the case was bending; I used my fingers and, if you can bear it (OUCH), that would be a better way to pop it apart. But using wooden popsicle sticks (or plastic spoon handles) has worked great for me as well in other repairs I have done.
Be careful not to break off or bend the four corner and two side posts (visible in the first photo on the link you attached; these will help greatly when you press the calculator back together afterward.
After you do what you need to inside the case, just line up the six posts and press it together. It will hold together surprisingly well and give you access when ever you need to. Keep in mind though; OPEN THE KEYBOARD SANDWICH ONLY IF YOU ARE SURE YOU DON'T NEED THIS CALCULATOR ANY MORE. This thing is the weak link in this series of calculator and, when it is dead, it is dead.

Re: How to open my HP-32SII - bill platt - 05-20-2008

Look for Paul Brogger's Article on opening a Pioneer (maybe it was a 32s)

It is in the Articles forum here at MoHPc.


He has other articles too. I thought he had photos somewhere, too. I think he changed one Pioneer to another at some point.

Edited: 20 May 2008, 9:47 p.m.

Re: How to open my HP-32SII - Sören Nilsson - 05-26-2008

Thanks for your answer.
This really helped me.

I didn't know how much force I had to use to open it.
Now I used a wide screw driver to loose one heat stake at a time.

I have opened it, removed the circuit board, cleaned the connectors and reassembled it.
And now the ON-button works every time.

Best regards,

Re: How to open my HP-32SII - wfs - 06-16-2008

I can´t find some Infos for this model.
Do you have the "user manual" of this calculator?
If you have it in "German" or "English" please contact me.

Re: How to open my HP-32SII - Sören Nilsson - 06-17-2008

One more thing:
The reason why I had to open my calculator was that I had problem with the ON-button. It did not always work. Most of the time I had to press with a finger below the display to get the button work.

When I first opened the calculator I tried to clean the conductor strip that came from the keyboard. After I reassembled the calculator is worked fine for some weeks. Then it started to malfunction again.

The second time I took a scissor and removed 1mm of the conductor strip. On this 1mm there were no conductors. This was the main reason why it didn't work.

After reassembling the calculator it now works perfect.

Best regards,

Re: How to open my HP-32SII - Sören Nilsson - 06-17-2008

I have a printed manual. But I think it is in swedish.
Have to check that.


Re: How to open my HP-32SII - Didier Lachieze - 06-17-2008

The English manual for the HP-32SII is here:
HP-32sii manual