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Forth on 71B - Xerxes - 05-08-2008

What are the differences between the Forth versions of the Forth/Assembler ROM and the 41 Translator ROM?

What was the reason for having two different implementations of Forth?

Which version is preferd by Forth programmers?

Re: Forth on 71B - Egan Ford - 05-08-2008

AFAIK they are mostly the same except that the 41 Translator ROM has a few extra functions (e.g. CLOCK)

I prefer the 41 Translator ROM because I use CLOCK to time my programs and I have the 41 Translator ROM in my 71B.

Both can run in EMU71. I'd suggest that you get them and the docs if you really want a comprehensive list of differences.

Re: Forth on 71B - John Pierce - 05-08-2008

If you are interested in assembly language the HP-41 Translator ROM does not have an assembler while the FORTH/Assembler ROM does.

Re: Forth on 71B - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-08-2008

Back then in the eighties when the HP-71B was hot,

someone from Northern Germany also made an assembler in BASIC,

without the need for a FORTH/Assembler ROM.

AFAIK the JPCRom also includes an assembler.

Re: Forth on 71B - Xerxes - 05-09-2008

Thanks, I will follow your suggestion and try the EMU71.