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HP 35s order - Howard Lazerson - 04-14-2008

I recently bought a 2nd 35s with the $12 price reduction, calculator is fine but no manual!
It comes with a quick guide, manual on cd and a case. I called HP and they will send me a printed manual= the rep told me that the decision to not include a printed manual was made " elsewhere "

Re: HP 35s order - Tim Wessman - 04-14-2008

Hmm. . . maybe getting rid of 1st get for cheap with a sale so they can replaced them with a bugfixed 2nd gen! :-D


Re: HP 35s order, but OT - Ed Look - 04-15-2008

Howard, I know this is OT, and I've had a rough time schedule-wise, but I got something else that came with a printed manual (though other software was on CD)- a scope! If you log in to this site, you should be able to e-mail me. Thanks.

Re: HP 35s order, but OT - Howard Lazerson - 04-15-2008

Hi Ed, sent you email address, Howard

Re: HP 35s order, but OT - Ed Look - 04-16-2008

Cool! Wiil get back to you.