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New site - J-F Garnier - 04-05-2008

Dear all,

I'm happy to announce my new site http://www.jeffcalc.hp41.eu, now without these annoying banners of my old site. You will find my latest Emu41 version, now fully free including the support of the HP-IL board.

If you can read French, I advise you to visit le site du HP-41CX managed by Thomas, who kindly proposed me to host my modest pages.


Re: New site - Valentin Albillo - 04-05-2008

Hi, J-F:

    Thanks a lot for your continued, disinterested efforts on behalf of the HP calc fan community, I for one do really appreciate it.

    And congratulations for your new site, though I must say I never had any problems with your old one since I do most of my navigation using an old Netscape version with all javas and javascripts disabled, thus most banners and adds and pop-up's never get a chance to show while the interesting things (the text and images) do.

    Usually the format changes somewhat but the content's still there, if less pretty-printed, and pages load ten times faster.

    If you need some help with your new site (such as translating text to Spanish, for instance, or HP-71B contents [articles, challenges, posts, etc]) don't hesitate to ask.

    I concur with you that the HP-71B is by far my favorite HP model as far as programming and advanced use is concerned, bar none. I can do things in two minutes and five lines, on the fly, that would take much longer to concoct, enter, and debug in any other model, HP or not. And you can too, I bear witness.

Best regard from V.

Re: New site - Christoph Klug - 04-08-2008

Dear Jean Francois,

thanks a lot for your really great support about EMU41 and EMU71 for the world of handheld computer enthusiasts. And now this emulator software solutions are free , also the full versions which includes real HP-IL features :-)

Some HP-IL/PC Interface Cards are available from me (for a reduced price)- they are compatible to EMU41 and EMU71 and completes the HP-IL support for both...

With best regards - Christoph Klug

Re: New site - Namir - 04-08-2008

Jean Francois,

Any possibility to creates a GUI version of the EMU71 for Windows?


Re: New site - Egan Ford - 04-08-2008

Any possibility to creates a GUI version of the EMU71 for Windows?

I'd recommend something like http://www.wxwindows.org/. Then it can be compiled for any platform.

Re: New site - Valentin Albillo - 04-08-2008

I for one wouldn't want one.

The actual DOS text interface is perfect as it is. As I see it, a Windows GUI would do nothing but slow the use and slow the emulation.

And the HP-71B is not a 'graphics calc', never has been. There are tons of Windows calc packages and graphics emulators already that can be used if graphics or a GUI are desired. We don't need another one.

Best regards from V.

Edited: 8 Apr 2008, 2:26 p.m.

Re: New site - J-F Garnier - 04-08-2008

Hi Namir,

I could someday make a Winxxx version of Emu71, but this is low priority for me. I'm quite satisfied with the DOS, text-mode Emu71 that runs perfectly in Winxxx Command boxes and I have other higher priority projects on going.

So don't lose hope, but don't wait for it in the short term.


Re: New site - Egan Ford - 04-08-2008

I don't think it has to be an either/or. I like the text-mode version because it is efficient to use and since it is DOS I can run it on any platform that supports DOSEMU, Bochs, or DOSBox. Under Windows and Linux/DOSEMU it runs very fast, but under DOSBox/Bochs it is a bit slow (both have to emulate x86 instructions as well). Still faster than a 71B, but much slower than Windows or Linux/DOSEMU.

I think an open source multiplatform GUI would be a nice option for some. I do not think it would run any slower. Actually it may run a faster being compiled with a modern compiler with support for newer processor instruction sets (of course all the assembly code would have to go). GUI support would add an authentic display with "graphics". I would welcome a GUI iff the virtual display was also supported. That is what makes EMU71 so efficient today.

Another benefit on a text or GUI modern version would be the ability to support native OS features. E.g. I cannot use HP-IL/RS-232 to transfer to/from my 71B to EMU71 because DOS under Windows/XP cannot read/write to USB or Bluetooth COM ports.

Re: New site - Namir - 04-08-2008

Thank you! I like the DOS version too, but was asking about a GUI alternative.