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HP 150 touchescreen - ffabrizioluga - 04-01-2008

Dear Sir,
I'm trying from a long time to produce the floppy 3.5 for HP 150 touchescreen. Unfortunately the software teledisk doesn't allow me to bring to it finishes the reconstruction of the floppy. He create the floppy 5 1/4 and they work, I have done again some floppy for HP 85/86. Who can help me to resolve my problem.

Thanks and regards,

Re: HP 150 touchescreen - Pascal - 04-02-2008

Can you give more details about what you want to do ? make copies of hp-150 disks under Windows / DOS ? Transfer files from Windows / DOS to HP-150 disks ? or just format HP-150 disks ?

Re: HP 150 touchescreen - ffabrizioluga - 04-08-2008


transfer image teledisk in DOS 3.30 486 computer


Re: HP 150 touchescreen - Pascal - 04-09-2008

Teledisk normally works fine, I have used it to create several floppies for the HP-150. You need to use an old 3.5" floppy drive that can read/write low density disks, If you use a 486, there are good chances that it will work.

During the creation of the floppies, Teledisks gives error messages because the format is not recognized by DOS but you can ignore the messages. For some images it displays an error message after each sector but you can press a key and ignore it. At the end of the creation, it also says it cannot read the floppy but ignore this message as well, the floppy should be good for the HP-150.