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Allschwil Meeting 2008 - Raymond Del Tondo - 03-29-2008

Hi all,

how about another Allschwil Meeting ?

Possible dates would be on

- 01.11.2008 (01. of November)

- 08.11.2008 (08. of November)

Both dates are saturdays, and both dates are during the famous 'Basler Herbstmesse' (27.10 - 11.11.),

so there would be occasions to free up your minds from calculators;-)

Possible topics:

- MLDL2000 Version 2 with USB mass storage!

- Interconnectivity between HP-IL based calcs and PCs

- Occasion to see one or more of the rare DIY RPN calcs

- New and/or updated hard- and software projects

- Occasion to meet and talk to some of the guys behind the above projects

- and more

Interested ? Just reply here and to the mail address given
at the HP-Collection contact page



Re: Allschwil Meeting 2008 - PeterP - 03-29-2008

cant promise I can swing it from here but would love to!



Re: Allschwil Meeting 2008 - Juergen Keller - 03-30-2008

Unfortunately, I could not join the previous meetings. But this time I'm sure I will not miss it! I look forward to have a great HP day. And thank you, Matthias, to host another meeting!
See you,

Re: Allschwil Meeting 2008 - Diego Diaz - 03-30-2008

Hi Raymond,

I have no clue if I can join the meeting as it's still a bit far in the calendar, but this time I'll do my best to attend.

Hopefully there should be two new members in the Clonix family by these days... :-)

Just a little bit off topic... (or not) did you receive the 4-banked code I sent?



Re: Allschwil Meeting 2008 - Meindert Kuipers - 03-31-2008

I would be a great opportunity again to meet, and I have no preference for either date.
Just as a correction: the MLDL2000 V2 will not have USB mass storage, but it will use SD-cards (or micro-SD) for storage ....


Re: Allschwil Meeting 2008 - Pascal - 04-10-2008

I would be interested to join the meeting, I may be able to do a demo of some of the cool apps I have been able to install on my HP-150 (windows 1.03, hp calculator emulators, Chess, Word, etc.).