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OffTopic: MC for Epson HX-20 - Juergen Rodenkirchen - 03-27-2008

Hope you accept my apology for the off topic subject.

Does anyone know which sort of Mini-(Micro-) cassettes do work with the Epson HX-20 cassette drive? Or, even better, does anyone know a source of those cassettes? Thanks for your input.


Re: OffTopic: MC for Epson HX-20 - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 03-28-2008

Hi Jürgen,

I had a Epson HX-20 and now have the Epson PX-8 that runs CPM. Both use the standard MicroCassette that are used in the small tape recorders. These comes in 30 to 90 minute sizes. It's best to use the shorter (30 minute) since the tape has a thicker base and keeps tape stretching problems to a minimum. Since these are audio tapes, they will have a non-recordable leader on them. Just make sure you fast forward over the leader. I think the ones that Epson shipped with the computers did not have the leader.

The Mini Cassettes will NOT work. Here in the states, Micro Casettes can be bought at almost any department store, office supply store, and Radio Shack.

Hope this helps.


Re: OffTopic: MC for Epson HX-20 - Juergen Rodenkirchen - 03-28-2008

Hi Bill!
Thanks for your input, it helps a lot!
Regards, Juergen