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Forth / Fortran77 for HP-1000CX - Roland Storz - 03-26-2008

Hello All,
does anybody have experiences with a Forth and / or a Fortran77 Compiler which can be utilized in a HP-1000CX (HP200LX)?

Both the HP-1000CX and the HP-200LX carry a 80186 CPU.

In the web you can find hundreds of free compilers, however particularly for the 80186 it seems to be a problem to find sth. suitable. Specifically Fortran77 seems even more complicated.
Thanks in advance for any advice or help.
Kind Regards, Roland

Re: Forth / Fortran77 for HP-1000CX - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 03-26-2008

Hi Roland,

You might want to try BC-Fortran77. I haven't tested it on the HP-200, but it claims to run on a MS-DOS with 640K memory, so it should work. Following is link:



Re: Forth / Fortran77 for HP-1000CX - John Pierce - 03-26-2008

Try Frank Sargeant's PYGMY FORTH. It is available as shareware, and was available on the FIG-FORTH website. There was even a tailored version available for the 100LX but I used in on the 200LX.

Re: Forth / Fortran77 for HP-1000CX - Dave Shaffer (Arizona) - 03-26-2008

I used to use Lahey fortran77 on a PC/AT (80286) processor with great success, and I think I even used it a time or two on a 80186 machine. For number crunching, you really want the math coprocessor (80287; was there a 80187?).

I'm not sure they still sell the 77 compiler, though. Maybe you can find it "used" somewhere.

Re: Forth / Fortran77 for HP-1000CX - Roland Storz - 03-27-2008

Hi gents,
I really do appreciate your responses, all this is very helpful to me, it certainly will take some time to find out best and most suitable alternative based on your recommendations,
quite honest: initially I felt pretty much alone with my crazy idea not to choose QBasic as favorite, however, obviously I'm not the only one....
again, many thanks to all of you, Roland

Re: Forth / Fortran77 for HP-1000CX - Bill Smith - 03-27-2008

I can verify that Lahey personal fortran77 (v3.1?) works on the 200LX. There is a switch to turn on/off math coprocesser support. I'd think there would be a lot of used copies available, as this was marketed to students.