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(deleted post) - deleted - 03-24-2008

This Message was deleted. This empty message preserves the threading when a post with followup(s) is deleted. If all followups have been removed, the original poster may delete this post again to make this placeholder disappear.

Re: HEWLETT-PACKARD HP-41 3E0_RTN's CORNER - Walter B - 03-24-2008

So far, everything seems to be under construction still ;)

Re: HEWLETT-PACKARD HP-41 3E0_RTN's CORNER - Walter B - 04-06-2008

Hey, what happened?!? All recent messages of this author are deleted. Burned soil or damnatio memoriae??

Re: HEWLETT-PACKARD HP-41 3E0_RTN's CORNER - 3E0_RTN - 04-06-2008

I would be accused of treason?
Yes I saw that all my messages have been deleted.
I think I was subjected to an attack.
I found a robot on a system that never touched the net ?!
I changed my Windows system for Linux.

Regarding now my website, it's better day after day to my opinion,
but alas never to those who never bring something...
In the next week, Barcodes / Eproms / Hardware sections will be full.

Edited: 6 Apr 2008, 7:38 p.m.