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HP-50G CASE FIT - designnut - 03-16-2008

I could get the case to close casually, but when the snap actually engaged it would then pop open. I solved it by inserting the 50G window first and the case snaps closed with room to spare. Sam

Re: HP-50G CASE FIT - Reth - 03-17-2008

I wouldn't worry too much about the HP50, it is worth peanut money any way :)

Re: HP-50G CASE FIT - Hal Bitton in Boise - 03-17-2008

Maybe you have too much data in it, causing it to swell up ;0

(sorry I couldn't resist that one)


Re: HP-50G CASE FIT - Namir - 03-17-2008

Mabe it is infected with a TI virus???