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50G Keys hard? - designnut - 03-04-2008

I tried my 35S keys and found them soft and good feeling. I recall reading the 50g keys were hard, Search failed to find the string, so I'm asking. Thanks, Sam

Re: 50G Keys hard? - John Stark - 03-04-2008

Darned right. Hard as a rock. Cheap wobble, too.

Trabant ride and handling at a Bentley price.

It would be nice if HP made 50 series successor with Classic/35S lines in a 48-series sized case whilst retaining and improving on 50 series display and I/O.

48G type keyboard would be nice too.

Just my $0.02.


Re: 50G Keys hard? - Hal Bitton in Boise - 03-05-2008

Interestingly, the key detents on my 50G don't seem too stiff at all. They seem about right, with none of the aforementioned "cheap wobble" either. I have a 48gx with noticably firmer detents.
best regards, Hal

Re: 50G Keys hard? - jdgc (spain) - 03-05-2008

My 50g has quite hard keys, though very firm, no weird wobble.
I have a 48sx
and the keyboard is very different, but equally hard and
uncomfortable to my taste (to my touch?), which is on the
"tough" side. I have strong hands, but
half an hour of 48sx or 50g usage makes me tired of so
hard pressing.

For me, Voyagers give the nicest touch for my hands,
but probably the 32SII are the less fatiguing of all.


Re: 50G Keys hard? - Brad Davis - 03-16-2008

Darn right. I kept mine for about a month IIRC and then sold it. My fingers literally hurt from pushing them if I did a lot of calcs in a day.

LOL, not having any better luck with my 35s. Its keys "feel" great, but it now misses so many keystrokes that I've mothballed it too. It's gotten worse as I've used it more.

Back to my 48G which served me for >10 years without any problem at all...