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Pause on HP 97/67 - Pierre Brial - 12-11-2001

It is possible to simulate a "Pause" fonction in an hp 97 program ? I mean display a result during a short time without stopping the program and without manual intervention ?

Re: Pause on HP 97/67 - Andre' Wilhelmus - 12-11-2001

How about 'f PAUSE'?

Re: Pause on HP 97/67 - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 12-11-2001


André already gave the answer. Just to remind that this function - PAUSE - is the 2nd. function of the [R/S] key (left-botton key, primary keyboard). When it's part of a program, its code will be

16 51


Re: Pause on HP 97/67 - Pierre Brial - 12-11-2001

Sorry guy,
My question was really stupid. My second (or third ?) hand hp 97 has some of its lettering wiped off, and the "pause" under the R/S key had disappeared. And as I didn't have the manual...
Thank you for your answers, I found the function, and it works well !

Have a look here... - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 12-11-2001

... and you can see all the functions for all keys available at the 97's keyboard.