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HP-41C Display Window Replacement - Mitch Sisak - 02-27-2008

Hello all,

I have an old HP-41C (I am original owner) that has the full nut (square corner) display. While blowing dust out from between the LCD and the bottom of the window, I inadvertently tipped the can and propellant shot out onto the window. Result: craze marks in the plastic window from the very cold propellant, MUCH more offensive than the original specks of dust!!! The marks (fine lines) are inside the window, so I would be unable to polish them out.

The marks are now driving me crazy! and I would like to replace the display window. I am loking for advice on:

1) how easy (difficult) is it to replace the window and
2) would anyone have a spare window they would part with (and at what price)

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



the good, the bad, and the ugly - db (martinez, ca.) - 02-27-2008

the good: mike davis had a couple of brand new windows, and you can do this with your fullnut. if he is out, someone will have a doner - International Calculator in Florida comes to mind.
the bad: you will have to de-solder the screen, trade windows, and then solder the 12 or thirteen tiny tabs back on.
the ugly: some of the cracks may be in the display.

Re: the good, the bad, and the ugly - Mitch Sisak - 03-06-2008


Thanks for the response. I will try to track down a window, but I am not sure about how the original window is secured to the top cover?

Glue? At what points? Any ideas on best way to remove the window without damaging the frame?

Finally, the fine crachs are deinitely in the window and not the LCD...I got a little lucky in my bad luck!

Thanks for your help!