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How to list an HP85 ? - Adrian Godwin - 02-11-2008

I've got a heap of HP85 parts to sell. Listing them separately will be very tedious (and likely to leave me with a handful that don't sell) but selling as a single item will make it collection-only (there's an Hp85, some disc drives, lots of manuals and accessories) from a UK address.

I'm out of touch with what's interesting (and pleasantly surprised at the price an 85 just went for on ebay). How should I split it, if at all ? One large, heavy lot and a few smaller, more postable lots ? Is there anything in the HP85 world that's especially interesting ?

And yes, if you're in the UK and want the lot you'd be very welcome to inspect it and make an offer.

Re: How to list an HP85 ? - designnut - 02-11-2008

Perhaps photos would help the buyer decide on an offer, Sam

Re: How to list an HP85 ? - Mad Dog ebaycalcnut - 02-12-2008

Do a high buy-it-now with best offer... And I agree, lots of pictures and description.

Re: How to list an HP85 ? - Adrian Godwin - 02-12-2008

Thanks. It sounds as though I need to do at least _some_ preparation. And I'm sure there's another box of bits somewhere.

I'll put a list together and then mention it in the ads section.


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