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Victor V12 - db (martinez, ca.) - 02-08-2008

I have a new toy, thanks to Joerg Woerner's telling us about it. HP may not be happy about it but i sure am, and i think that any new RPN calculator makes the continued use of RPN more likely. You can see my bad photos (thanks to Mike Davis for the space on his site)
here, here, and here

Edited: 8 Feb 2008, 12:40 a.m.

Re: Victor V12 - hpnut - 02-08-2008

yup, by Victor's own admission, their calculators are not made under licence from HP.

see their reply to my email:

"Thank you for your interest in Victor's V12 calculator. At this time, the product is available in the United States and Canada. We are happy to sell the product in Malaysia, but do not have a dealer at this time. Perhaps you can recommend one. Of course, we can also ship the product from the United States to any customer.

The V12 was developed by Victor with no license from HP.

We have no plans for a V11, V15, or V15 at this time.


John Ringlein
Chief Operating Officer
Victor Technology

-end quote

Re: Victor V12 - tony (nz) - 02-08-2008

I got one here in New Zealand too. I didn't find a case though! Victor seem to have cured the "GOTO" bug in the old 12cp. Cheers,

Re: Victor V12 - Antonio Maschio (Italy) - 02-08-2008

May you write here where did you buy it and what's its cost?
I'd like having one.

-- Antonio

Re: Victor V12 - Thomas Radtke - 02-08-2008

Perfect opportunity for the OpenRPN people. It just takes different lables and a concept / software that reflects the available keys and LCD. That should be the least expensive way to get something real.

I'll order one :^)

Re: Victor V12 - tony (nz) - 02-08-2008


44.95 US Dollars

The service was really very good - it arrived within a week.


Re: Victor V12 - Namir - 02-08-2008

Yep ... got one too ... it's a cutie!!!



Re: Victor V12 - Kareem Mokdad - 02-08-2008

Wow, what an ugly piece of ... it looks like a sovietic counterfeit from the 70's.

Well, nothing is a real HP worth.

HP rules (btw, if you've got an HP 39/40g or similar, type RULES in the HOME view to see something cool. Try it on any other graphing HP.)


SWITCH YOUR A/C ON!!! - Joerg Woerner - 02-12-2008


I just received wonderful news! Your Russian beauty made it from Siberia to Moscow and will immigrate already this weekend into the US.
Hope border control is not an issue ;-))

Developed and manufactured in Siberia implies that it is fully operational just below the freezing point!

Should I sent you some snow from Upstate New York?


Re: SWITCH YOUR A/C ON!!! - db (martinez, ca.) - 02-12-2008

WooooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! New RPN!!! We just won't tell homeland security that it's a tool of "math and construction". It'll get through.
Yes do send some snow. It's sunny and in the 70's here in California. Last week i was scraping ice off my windshield with a credit card in the morning. You don't generate deep powder that way.

Re: SWITCH YOUR A/C ON!!! - Egan Ford - 02-12-2008

tool of "math and construction"

More like "Mass Distraction".