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MLDL2000 new software coming soon - Meindert Kuipers - 02-06-2008

I will release a software for the MLDL2000 in a few weeks. I am currently working on the following features:

- support for MOD files (reading and writing)

- create and restore backup of MLDL contents

- firmware programming

Possibly there may be a few other small improvements. If there are suggestions, please let me know so I can consider them for inclusing in the next release.

The upcoming software release will be the last one before the MLDL2000V2. V2 seemed a bit tougher than I expected, but I think I have the architecture figured out and I will start prototyping after I have released the new MLDL2000 software. With only a new USB print everything can be fully backwards compatible, so the upgrade for new users will be pretty cheap. Also software and firmware will be the same for both versions. Some of the new features will require a new CPDL print as well, but the main upgrade, use of (micro)SD cards with the HP41, will still be possible with only the replacement of one PCB.

In case you have not noticed: my website has moved to www.kuiprs.nl.


Re: MLDL2000 new software coming soon - Jeff Davis - 02-07-2008

Hope all is well. Does this mean that our existing MLDL2000 units can be retro fitted to add these new features? These new features will be nice additions. Keep up the good work.

Re: MLDL2000 new software coming soon - Meindert Kuipers - 02-08-2008

Just to be complete, here is a list of new features and improvements:

For existing users, only replace USB print:

- Add SD card interface

- Improve speed of programming FLASH

- Better power management when USB connected

For new users, or those who want a complete overhaul of their current MLDL2000, all PCB's must be replaced for the additions listed above plus:

- Better ESD protection and level shifter in the HP41 interface

- Less connections between prints

- Better power management

- HP41 Analyzer (trace HP41 mcode activity on the PC)

- LED's (controlled by HP41) integrated

- Backup battery charger integrated

- New PCB's will still fit in cardreader shell

- External housing also supported

Of course, all the new functionality still has to be verified, and I am open to further suggestions!