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HP-55, HP-45,HP-35 - Jeff Davis - 01-26-2008

Is there a special kind of silver paint to use when replacing the silver trim on the worn areas of the top case? Will a silver marker do the trick? Please let me know.

Re: HP-55, HP-45,HP-35 - Mad Dog ebaycalcnut - 01-26-2008

1) Yes, there is a special kind of paint. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name; one of my friends into models told me about one that I used years ago and it worked.

2) What kind of trick did you want to do with the marker? I hope not using it to touch up the silver trim.

Edited: 26 Jan 2008, 5:36 p.m.

Re: HP-55, HP-45,HP-35 - Jeffrey Davis - 01-28-2008

Well, that was my thought but I guess that should not be done eh? If anyone knows what type of paint to use, please let me know. Maybe Testers Silver?????

Re: HP-55, HP-45,HP-35 - Randy - 01-28-2008

Sharpie metallic silver markers do an okay job. Trying to use paint is real pain. I gave up on the method after several tries and use the markers. The color is a bit different but it blends in reasonably well. Be sure to clean well first.

Re: HP-55, HP-45,HP-35 - Walter B - 01-28-2008

IMHO its perfectly legal to restore a calc IF you have the necessary skills and tools. Also purchasing a "restored" calc would be ok if the seller clearly indicates what was done. For my part, I'd be very careful to ensure I'd be really improving the appearance / beauty / performance / value / whatever of the very specimen instead of degrading it. If I cannot guarantee, I'd rather keep my hands off, also due to respect for HP's work.

What do others think?

Re: HP-55, HP-45,HP-35 - Jeff Davis - 01-29-2008

I suppose I should leave the worn bezel alone and not put the silver back on. I completely cleaned the HP-55 recently from the nice thread posted earlier this month. The vinegar and alcohol did the job on the tiny bit of corrosion there was. New battery pack and she works great. Just need to find a new red LED cover and a new back label and its all done.

Didnt realize how nice the HP-55 really is until now.


Re: HP-55, HP-45,HP-35 - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 01-29-2008

Actually, the trim has been done using vacuum coating. I doubt you'll find some type of paint that comes close to that. I experimented too, and the closest thing was inox paint (i.e. clear spray paint with rustfree steel particels) and a clear covering paint. Far from being perfect though. Standard silver paint will not work well (clear coating didn't work for me, might have been a paint issue though).
Another "OK" solution is to glue aluminium foil to the trim, but not perfect either, as it tends to peel off from the corners. Might be the best solution for display items.

Your best bet is still to buy a "mint" calculator - they are not too rare and look better than a reworked one :)