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DC100A or similar END OF TAPE problem: fix? - Jose V Gavila (Spain) - 01-21-2008


I have several HP98200A and DC100A tapes with the dreaded END OF TAPE problem (you know, there is a gap in the oxide layer). It could be the rest of the tape is fine. I will bake them before use, as Rik commented in a previous message, so tape does not stick. But as they have already that problem, would just making new 'BEGIN OF TAPE' holes, after the gap, work?. I guess so, as in fact tape is not fixed to the reels so all info tape unit has about where are the end or beginning of tape are the holes, right?

If this is correct, which tool you use to do the tine hole?

Thanks for your help!




Re: DC100A or similar END OF TAPE problem: fix? - Rik Bos - 01-23-2008

Hello Jose,

I tried it and ended with a big spaghetti of tape on my desk ;-)
I experimented and got one tape working, but you have be very secure when punching the tape the distance between the holes matters . I used a steel needle from a refill-kit and sharpened it.
Later I bought 20 DECTAPE's together with a TU-58 (tapedrive) witch I gave away. DECTAPE's are a lot better then HP-tapes.
And now a bit OT, saw on your site you got a Xm, had several my self all V6's with automatic gearbox. I do have copies of the workshop manuals and diagrams of the serie I and some stuf of the serie II and the compleet parts microfiches. So let me know (offlist) if you need something. rikbos_at_xs4all.nl (replace _at_)

Regards Rik