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HP 35s MEMORY FULL (well, not really!!) - EL - 01-13-2008

I've been using my 35s for basic hand-calc engineering work since late August 07.

I kept about four programs (3D vector cross product, area moment-of-inertia, a Clear All: vars stack summation code, and some obscure stopwatch that I was playing with).

I also kept 4 eqns: TVM, and 3 engineering eqns.

I recently entered a new equation which contained a few unevaluated numbers (for example: 3.2*8*(X+81)/15 + ...). The calculator exclaimed MEMORY FULL when I invoked the solver. I simplified the equation by pre-calculating the constant values into a lumped coefficient, and it was able to solve w/o the MEMORY issue.

I checked MEM, and was surprised to see 640, and 731 bytes for vars and prog remaining free respectively.

So, I summed all and found: BYTEprog + BYTEvars + 640 + 731 != ~30k. I had to reset, and am now not very motivated to re-enter those programs and equations.

I ask this question: Why should I have to re-enter my programs and equations, and (MORE IMPORTANTLY) spend time validating that I have indeed not made any errors, since the check sum is faulty as well?? Furthermore, how soon will this occur again (of course, I don't know).

Re: HP 35s MEMORY FULL (well, not really!!) - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 01-13-2008

Are you sure that you didn't accidently use up the memory by allocating unnamed indirect variables? AFAIK, its not enough to store a zero in an indirect variable to make its memory available again. You have to use one of the clear commands for that purpose.

Re: HP 35s MEMORY FULL (well, not really!!) - Jack Neely - 01-13-2008

Not to be nosey, but what are the engineering equations you have stored in you 35S? Just curious.

I have 2 35S's and I use them everyday! Now if HP could just make a HP 50G+ with a BIG Enter key I would be in Heaven.

Re: HP 35s MEMORY FULL (well, not really!!) - EL - 01-14-2008


I keep (kept) some basics like a fastener spacing equation that I derived based on fastener count, pitch, fastener row length, desired (or permitted) edge distance at each end (this I found myself frequently calculating out on the shop floor during preparation for assy of a space vehicle that I was working on earlier in the year. It was a daily matter to be crawling around, and the 35s was small enough to warrant field use :)

The other one or two were simple ones, like the moment of inertia for a thin-wall circular tube, and the occasional equations that arise for a specific task that lingers for a week or so (you know).

Yes, I'd like the 50g more with the large ENTER key. But above all, the quality of the earlier calcs is what I want. I'd truly be happy to slightly compromise certain things, given sufficient user customization via menus, etc, if I could get a new HP RPN that would be expected to last 10+ years, and have at least a single reliable backup feature (usb, sd, else?)