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EDLEX and TEXTUTIL - Jeff Davis - 12-27-2007

I was wondering if anyone had a hex dump of either of these two lex files so I can input them into my HP-71B? I have a LIF disc with them on it but get errors when trying to load them with the 9114 drive. It actually hangs the calc up.
Any ideas?
I have been trying to get the HP-41CX to transfer to the HP-71B using a program recently found on the internet. This program needs the EDLEX file.
Please let me know

Re: EDLEX and TEXTUTIL - Allen - 12-27-2007


Happy new year!!

Re: EDLEX and TEXTUTIL - Jeff Davis - 12-27-2007

Thanks Allen. My problem is getting them from the PC to the Calculator. If I had a Hex dump then I could input them myself. My PC will not support the LIF disc as far as I know. Windows XP?
Thanks for your help.