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HP 35 Value - Jack Wallace - 12-23-2007

Hello Everyone....first I want to thank you in the beginning for your help. I have a HP 35 calcualtor that I'm curisous to the value of. It is in very good condition, with the original case and box.

Re: HP 35 Value - Namir - 12-23-2007


Click here to view this museum's list of suggested values for the various vintage HP calculators.


Re: HP 35 Value - Thomas Radtke - 12-24-2007

I've just paid 80 EUR for a complete set in good condition. Have a look for a picture in my "one step forward" thread. I think that's about the upper limit for a used 35.

Re: HP 35 Value - Jeff O. - 12-24-2007


A few more details would help. What is the serial number? (The first 4 numbers, letter and one or two more numbers will do if you don't want to give the complete number in public, e.g. 1143A01xxx.) What version is it? If version 1 or 2, does it still have the bugs?

best regards,


Re: HP 35 Value - Larry California - 12-24-2007

I have an HP-35, serial Number 1349A xxxxx, in the black leatherette-covered steel case with charger, Owner's Handbook and soft case. How much interest is there in one of this vintage, and what is guesstimated value?