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AMP Rom for 71b - PeterP - 12-04-2007


I recently got a set of modules which are labeled AMP Rom2, AMP Rom3 and AMP Rom4. Here are two questions:

1) Does anyone know what these modules are for? Maybe even have a manual for them?

2) Is anyone interested in them?
They are CMT 64k eproms and that's why I got them so I can program some other ROMs on them but I want to make sure that if someone has interest in them I don't delete them without asking first. And I guess I should make a Rom copy anyway, just in case...


PS: there is another 71b available right now with another set of AMP roms...

Re: AMP Rom for 71b - Les Bell - 12-04-2007

Since no-one else has responded, here's a wild guess:

Did you buy these 71B ROM's from an Australian seller? I'm guessing that they contain some code written for investment advisors and agents of AMP, which is a major Australian insurance & investment company (Australian Mutual Provident). Some of the prompts might confirm this, if they relate to insurance or investment.


--- Les


Re: AMP Rom for 71b - Namir - 12-04-2007


I was under the impression that AMP module was a stat pac. I had a copy last year and ended up selling it on eBay.


Re: AMP Rom for 71b - Les Bell - 12-05-2007

You could well be right, Namir - I was just guessing. I've never seen a set of these ROM's.


--- Les


Re: AMP Rom for 71b - Namir - 12-05-2007

I checked my eBay sales for last spring. The HP-71B stat module was called APMI, which I had sold for $104 (module and manual).

So I stand corrected. The AMP module is not a stat module.




Re: AMP Rom for 71b - PeterP - 12-06-2007

Thanks for all your help, I think that Les is right (I did buy it from Australia).

Also, it seems to me that there is no real interest from anyone here, so I will go ahead and use the EPROMS to put some more useful stuff for me on them.

Namir, I wish you would still have the Statistics module and I could put a copy of it on one of the eproms :-)

Cheers and thanks again