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Calendar program for 50g - Jeffc - 11-21-2007

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a calendar program that will run on a 50g?


Re: Calendar program for 50g - Giancarlo (Italy) - 11-21-2007

Hi Jeff.

Please search the string "calendar" on hpcalc.org and you'll end up with some 50 files; just check the "49/50" check-box and you'll get 18 files among which I guess you can find sevarl helpful softwares :-)

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


Re: Calendar program for 50g - S. Martin - 11-21-2007

Try this one:

Organizer 1.1

Highly recommended!

50g Emulators - jcook - 11-30-2007

I've had a 50g emulator working before but now can't seem to get one running on a new PC. I've downloaded the EMU48 program (1.46) and installed it. I found a ROM file and placed it in the EMU48 folder and also in a new ROM folder within the EMU48 folder. I've tried different names such as ROM.e49 and ROM.48g and now get the following compile message when I try to run the emulator:

This graphic is by Casey Patterson.

Come to my page to get more graphics for your Win48!!!



A few improvements by Sebastien Carlier, the author of Emu48.
Please visit the Emu48 Official Homepage :

Thanks for using Emu48 !

Title: Casey's Gx with Toolbar and Touch Screen
Author: Casey Patterson && Sebastien Carlier
Calculator Model : G
Rom ROM.48G Loaded.
Patch BEEP.48 Loaded
Bitmap cp_48g3.bmp Loaded.
Debug Off
Packed ROM image detected.
Press Cancel to Abort.

The EMU48 program will not let me go further. Help! What am I doing wrong? Also, is there a way to simply use an actual 50g to connect to a PC or projector so I can display the actual calculator's screen? If not I guess I'll have to use the emulator for my classes.

How do I get the and load teh KML skin that makes it look and act like a 50g?

Please also reply to my email at jcook@sageridge.org
Jon Cook
Math Teacher

Re: 50g Emulators - Egan Ford - 11-30-2007