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Soviet programmable calculator - Don Shepherd - 10-31-2007

Soviet RPN programmable calculator on EBay. I know someone recently was interested in Soviet calculators.


Re: Soviet programmable calculator - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 10-31-2007

Hi, Don;

just to thank you for that. I had never seen any, first time to even know about it.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Re: Soviet programmable calculator - Thor - 11-01-2007

The MK-61 is neat, but check out the MK-52 with plug-in modules etc.

It is worth having one or two of these Soviet calculators. In many ways they're amazing, but perhaps even more amazing is seeing what the limits of soviet technology really were. It is not the quality of the electronics that are the biggest drawbacks, but the poor fitting plastic shells with 50s type plastic and manuals printed on poor newspaper paper.

If you can afford it, check out the amazing MK-90 that you can currently find on ebay intermittently.

There are a few good websites on these computers worth checking out, such as:

I've purchased a few soviet calculators from ebay dealers and have had top service and no problems. There is an outfit called westernbid that acts as a middle man accepting paypal. No problems there either.

Re: Soviet programmable calculator - hpnut - 11-01-2007


I successfully bidded one Elektronika MK-61 programmable for a basement bargain US$9.99. Hope to get the calculator soon and do a short review here. Is OK right, although not HP, it is RPN calculator :-)

Re: Soviet programmable calculator - Chuck Sommer - 11-02-2007

We allow people with TIs to post here, at least this one is RPN.

But realy I would love to here about this. ... Chuck

Re: Soviet programmable calculator - Maximilian Hohmann - 11-02-2007


Hope to get the calculator soon and do a short review here.

In case you also get it with a Russian manual (like mine...) you might find this website useful:


Without it, I woudn't have found my way beyound +,-,* and / :-)

Greetings, Max

Re: Soviet programmable calculator - Igor Vilensky - 11-02-2007

I've been thinking about bidding on EBay for one of these calculators.
I am a native russian speaker and we'll be happy to help anyone with any translating ( parts of manual? ) if wanted.
Where did you find this calculator and how much is the shipping if
I may ask?

Re: Soviet programmable calculator - hpnut - 11-02-2007


I got mine for USD9.99 but international shipping to Malaysia & insurance cost costs USD24 :-0 IMHO worth every penny.

unfortunately, mine doesn't come with the manual but I have found internet pages explaining how to use the MK-61.

currently there's one unit up for sale here http://www.ebay.com.my/viItem?ItemId=250180856290

good luck :-)