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[partially OT] Relief, relief, relief... - Olivier TREGER - 10-31-2007

OK OK nobody cares but... I just want to share:

A friend of mine who fixes HP calcs (can't tell his name: he would be flooded with requests) just fixed my 29C and one of my 3 HP67.

It's a great feeling to see these calcs working again although they are more or less 30 years old for some of them.

Sometimes I think about my envy staring at HP dealers display window: this HP67 was the top of the cream and surely for confirmed engineers only.

This afternoon, I told my daughter: "look, it took me 30 years to get this". I'm stupid: why trying to explain... She'll understand in 30 years :)

Thanks for taking time to read this personal feeling

P.S.: for those who don't already know, my site is here. Enjoy

Re: [partially OT] Relief, relief, relief... - Richard Ottosen - 10-31-2007

OK OK nobody cares but... I just want to share:

OK, me too:

My HP41C is serial number 2241S41904 so it just turned 25. It has been in continuous use since the day I bought it.

The only sign of age is wear on the rubber feet. A while back I cleaned it up so I could take some pictures of it. It was so pretty that I almost hated to touch it! Fortunately, I got over that quickly. :-)

-- Richard

Exploit dropper on web page? - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 11-01-2007

My virus scanner alerted me on an possible (after examining the HTML source: very likely) exploit embedded into the page.
Don't visit with Windows, unless you have updated Windows, Acrobat Reader and virus definitions.
Sorry if this is false alarm, but better be safe than sorry...

Re: Exploit dropper on web page? - Olivier TREGER - 11-01-2007

You seem to be right. I've changed the code but I think I'll add a htaccess file to get rid of this.

Thank you