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A programmer's HP-35s review - Arne Halvorsen (Norway) - 10-27-2007

After been doing some coding on the HP-35s I wrote what I called 'A programmer's HP-35s review' in my blog:


Main message: Found RPN, vector type and equations in programs to be very powerfull.

I am not familiar with RPL (yet, there is a 50g out there with my name on it :-), but I have the feeling that the possibility of using equation in programs on the HP-35s perhaps makes its programming language something between pure RPN and RPL, RPN+ :-)?

Anyway, its been an interesting 'return to HPHC programming' since the long, long gone days of HP-41 hacking!

Re: A programmer's HP-35s review - marais - 10-27-2007

Don't let me be misunderstood, I am going to buy the 35s once it's available in Europe, but the lack of a cross product while at the same time providing vectors seems somewhat ridiculous from the perspective of somebody who uses a 28C/S on a daily basis. That's really hard to believe.


Re: A programmer's HP-35s review - Arne Halvorsen (Norway) - 10-27-2007

Yep! What where they thinking!

Actual I may get my hands on a 28C, I am looking forward if to compare...

Edited: 27 Oct 2007, 4:43 p.m.