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[OT] San Diego Fires - Seth Morabito - 10-23-2007

Hello everyone,

As some of you no doubt have already read, there are widespread major wildfires throughout Southern California today. I've just discovered from this interactive Google map of the San Diego fires that the area immediately surrounding and including the HP campus where HHC 2007 was held is under evacuation notice today, and that there is a great danger that the fire will spread through the Rancho Bernardo area.

I am deeply saddened, it was a very beautiful area when we gathered there last month for HHC. I wish everyone there well, and I hope for the best. I'm also concerned for the friends and family of the local HP people we met. Please take good care!

-Seth, concerned

Re: [OT] San Diego Fires - Karl Schneider - 10-23-2007

Seth --

Yes, I too had noticed on CNN.com that the evacuation area included Rancho Bernardo and the hilly parts of northern San Diego. I hope that the campus and its workers come through unscathed, but no doubt, those who live in vulnerable areas will suffer some damage, if not worse...

-- KS

Re: [OT] San Diego Fires - John Noble - 10-23-2007

Writing from smoky Sandy Eggo...

The fire already went through Rancho Bernardo as far as I know. These fires are fed by dry brush and dead/dying trees. Structures burn when either or both are too near, though there are cases when embers get blown under roof tiles, etc., and start a house on fire.

Since the industrial parks around here don't have too much vegetation (and what they _do_ have is watered) and are mostly built of concrete with steel roofs, I doubt they will have too much trouble. I could be wrong, but it's usually the houses that get hit around here.

That map is better than what the local newspaper posted, by the way. Every time something like this happens around, the local media completely fail to put the pieces together.

Re: [OT] San Diego Fires - Bruce Bergman - 10-23-2007

Agreed. The HP campus is in a pretty safe area. Put it this way, if HP's facility burned down, everything around it will be gone too.

The greater issue is all the HP employees who might be affected by this. I believe Sam Kim lives out here.

We live in Rancho Penasquitos, the next community south of RB, and we've evacuated to Qualcomm Stadium (with our travel trailer), so we're safe. And our house is still safe too, for now. Hopefully the fire will die down and the Santa Ana will die down too.

Among all the things we took with us is all my HP calcs. ;-)

Everyone in San Diego, stay safe!


Re: [OT] San Diego Fires - Paul Brogger - 10-24-2007

The creator of that map references a map from KPBS which seems more up-to-date and comprehensive.

FWIW . . .

Re: [OT] San Diego Fires - Jake Schwartz - 10-24-2007

I believe Sam Kim lives out here.

Hi Bruce,

Sam's permanent residence is in Vancouver, WA and he "commutes" to San Diego for two weeks per month (if I remember correctly). Perhaps he has a temporary residence which might be affected, though.

Jake Schwartz

Re: [OT] San Diego Fires - Bruce Bergman - 10-25-2007

We're back in our home, and seemingly safe (assuming no weather and wind changes). Thanks for the supportive emails, friends!