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New Datafile article online (and Erratum) - Valentin Albillo - 10-22-2007

Hi, all:

    I have made freely available online a new Datafile article of mine, which can be downloaded in PDF format from my calculator web site, namely:

      HP 35s Storing Lotsa Lotsa Numbers

        Datafile V26N4 included a 77-line routine by Gene Wright demonstrating how to pack
        three full-precision real numbers into a single HP35s variable thus making it possible to
        store and recall in excess of 2300 floating point values in HP 35s’ indirect

        This 4-page article discusses my new, completely different, 16-line implementation
        consisting of three main, externally callable routines which implement the essential
        Initialization, Store, and Recall functionalities.


      This article was recently published in the current Datafile issue, V26N5,
      but most regrettably the printed version contains a show-stopper
      error in the listing
      , which of course wasn't present in the original
      Word document I submitted.

      I discovered the error as part of my protocol of proofreading and checking my articles in the actual, paper-printed issue, as soon as I received it (two days ago). I also do the same with the actual Word document I submit for publication, which I first print and then proofread, including keying in the programs from the printed listing and trying out every example. This guarantees that the programs and examples will be keyable and will run as printed.

      Unfortunately, while the Word document I submitted was indeed error-free, the article as it appears in Datafile is not and will result in a SYNTAX ERROR when you try to run it, so I've uploaded the correct, original article to my web site to try and help remedy the situation.

      Please download the correct, original article from my web site and though it's none of my fault I nevertheless wish to apologize for any inconvenience, which I deeply regret.

Best regards from V.

Re: New Datafile article online (and Erratum) - Meenzer - 10-22-2007

Pardon me for asking silly questions...

What does "IP" in
P009 (IP(I/3)>...

EDIT: Ok, found it out. It's Yellow Shift-INTG-6

Edited: 22 Oct 2007, 9:00 a.m.