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Re: A drowned calculator - Frank Rizzo - 03-13-1999

Acid + sugar = major damage to our HP calcs!! The acid comes from phosphoric acid, by the way. (I clean pools for a living, so I know my pool chemicals) Keep all those drinks away, especially coffee, long island iced teas, margaritas, martinis (my fav!), beer, etc. Just a word of advice for all youse guys! Your pal, Frank.

Re: A drowned calculator - Steve Hodges - 03-20-1999

Many years ago when the company I was working for had several hundred HP150's, there was the occasional problem with Coke. The first time somebody spilt Coke in thier keyboard (these cost around $600 at the time - yep, just the keyboard!) it was carefully lft to dry, then packaged and sent to Hewlett Packard. It was a lost cause. Their recommendation (which was initially taken as a joke) was to quickly take the keyboard and flush it with as much water as possible and then let it dry in a warm place. This worked fine for the next 2 or 3 cases, until someone spilt orange juice on their keyboard. The little bits of orange in the juice couldn't be flushed out once they had gotten into the keys.

Re: A drowned calculator - Bill Schillereff - 04-08-1999

My CX was drown and died back in 1986. It sat till this year and then I said, "What to hell" and inundated the keyboard with silicone spray after a bath in alcohol. It started right up after all this time. Has a couple of harder than normal keys but I love it. I have put my cv back on the shelf.