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Emu71 and Doslink & Timeout - Vincze - 09-07-2007

I sorry about all question on 71B and Emu71. I try and read documentation that come with Emu71, but I somewhat confused as to how to do things. I see how to list program by typing


and that make sense to me to list out program. How does one have screen output when running program echo out to file though? My thought was to say PRINTER IS :DOSLINK before I run program, but this not the case. Emu71 direction not very clear on this other than say must have declaration in emu71.ini. I see it listed under [DEVICES], so I believe ini file correct. What am I missing (other than brain)?

Also, I see someplace, but can not find now, that there way to extend or turn off timeout of Emu71. It seem like it close itself after certain time. This frustrate me and I like to find way to eliminate, or extend. Can someone point me in correct path to this.

Edited: 7 Sept 2007, 7:19 p.m.

Re: Emu71 and Doslink & Timeout - J-F Garnier - 09-08-2007

Hello Vincze,

I'm not sure to understand your first point:

How does one have screen output when running program echo out to file though ?

If you mean that you want all screen outputs to be logged in a file, you can do:
SHOW PORT or anything else
DISPLAY IS :DISPLAY (or shorter DISPLAY IS 1, if the DISPLAY device is the 1st one)
If you want all display and printer outputs to be logged, you can do both DISPLAY IS :DOSLINK and PRINTER IS :DOSLINK.

To disable the auto-shutdown of the HP-71, just do SFLAG -3. Emu71 closes itself when the auto-shutdown delay elapses.


Math/Stat programs for the HP-71B - Namir - 09-08-2007

If you are interested in some math and stat programs for the HP-71B, I have posted such program on my web site. Some program require the Math ROM (you can use the EMU71 emulator in this case.)